Civilco Shell Contractor is a shell contracting firm currently serving South Florida. Since our early beginnings, We have been able to successfully manage and complete a broad spectrum of Projects. From new construction to complete renovations, We are capable of building any type of reinforced concrete structure. As Shell Contractors, We have been providing our Services in the public and private sectors within the construction industries. The more than 40 years of combined experience of our key personnel and in-house labor are main factors contributing to the success in every project. Many are the satisfied owners, clients and/or prime contractors who have trusted our expertise on the matter.

At Civilco Shell Contractor, We understand your project is different in its own particular ways and identify that in addition to fully knowing intricate aspects about the trade, recognizing those differences is crucial to its success. Therefore, We also Focus our attention on addressing each of your project’s specific demands to lower risks, avoid major complications along the way and meet your expectations as a client.

Moreover, We know all clients are distinct and approach a single project in unique ways that reflect their expectations. Proven communication, coordination, organization and managerial skills are key elements We possess that enable us to translate your expectations into reality. These same skills help us create good work environment throughout the course of every project to reduce conflicts and optimize efforts and good results.

At Civilco Shell Contractor We believe it is not only a matter of completing one project after the other, We also care for what truly matter. We are a company led by individuals with a high set of core values such as integrity, honesty and loyalty. With every new project, We work hard in every sense to make sure it is also the beginning of a long term business relationship.